Using Instance Search

Queries entered in the search page update the results immediately using Ajax; simply type a query and press Enter/Return. (The initial splash page submits the query to the search page server-side, but any updates once on the search page simply edit the results table.)

The search text parser is limited; it expects tuples of the form [field][operator][value], with no spaces. Multiple tuples are separated by any amount of white space, and are automatically ANDed together in the query.

field:Any valid metric name or instance property.

operator:Any of ~, =, ==, <, <=, >, >=. If the field is non-numeric, only =, ==, and ~ may be used. ~ is an "approximately" operator. Some basic checking is done client-side, but while the client will happily submit an operator of "<<<<<", the server will return an error.

value:The desired value of the field. Must be numeric for numeric fields. If the ~ operator is used, wildcards may be used in the value (* or %).

Example query text: price<5 price>1